Garden Sheds and Potting Areas (For Your Garden)

June 14, 2013 - Comment

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F.O.B. says:

What a disappointment – Don’t judge a book by it’s cover This is among 5 books I purchased to help me plan setting up my potting shed. The cover picture, and a review, prompted me to purchase. Truly, this is not a helpful book. I also purchased eri Dunn’s Potting Places, and THAT’s a helpful book, go there to read my review. Penelope O’Sullivan’s book, however, seems directed to a group of gardeners I apparently don’t fit into. Her ideas are not complete, she is vague, photos are OK, but not inspiring, and some of them are just outrageous – the second from the last photo is of the most ridiculous “cutting room” I have ever seen, and she raves about this lavish room’s “practicality”, when it is clear by the way the room was propped,that it is completely unuseful. There were columns on either side of the sink! I almost flipped. The inclusion of this photo speaks volumes about the author and her perception of the what the reader is looking for. Sorry, Penelope, but you missed the mark for this reader, and I…

Dawn L. O'Keefe says:

This book will inspire you to want a garden shed. This book is a necessity for any gardener who is thinking of building a potting shed. This is the book every person needs who has said, “I have an idea in my head and I can’t express it,” or “I know what I want, but the visualization of it hasn’t come to me yet.” This book, with its beautiful pictures of all types and kinds of sheds and potting areas will enable anyone to dialogue with their builder or landscaper. This is definitely a book designed for the visual. If you are inclined to read the captions, a gardener will not be disappointed as the author is knowledgeable about the names of the planting material. All the examples are of real gardens with real people using them. This is a book that will be picked up again and again for inspiration and ideas on putting plants and structures together. Highly recommended for any gardeners’ reference library

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